Intagent's 3 Point Plan

Intagent's 3 point plan will get you from the initial concept of starting your own website, to a fully implemented marketing machine. We are here to work with you throughout your startup process, and long into being a seasoned member of our Intagent Team.

STEP 1: Choose or Build a Design

The process of building a design with our Semi-Custom series of websites, or selecting a DesignPro layout is your initial step in our process. You should choose a design that fits your style and the market in which you work. Selecting the right elements for your website will be what attracts customers to your website initially.

During this process you will be assigned a representative to work with you and learn about you and what your target market is.

STEP 2: Create Unique Content & Lead Generators

Every Intagent design comes with prebuilt content and forms for your website. This will be a great step in the right direction to get your website online and looking great.

The next step is to make your website more personal. You will want to work with our team to help you get ideas to build content that's tailored to your clients needs. In doing this it will attract visitors and keep them coming back. Also in this time period, it's a great point to try out our custom form generator to build some forms that are tailored specifically to your needs. Or, as an alternative you have many pre-built forms that you can place around our website ready to go. Creating useful content is the heart of your website which will show people you are the go-to expert in your area.

STEP 3: Marketing Your Website

Step three is to get your website out there. You can have a beautiful website, but if no one comes to see your site, it won't do you much good. Making your website known is extremely important.

Intagent's support team can help show you some tricks to get your website found online. Some of these techniques include editing your website to show up optimally for search engines, showing you ways to publish your website to multiple search engines at once, introduce you to our press release options, and introduce you to various SEO plans that Intagent offers for search engine advertising and detailed marketing campaigns!

Our 3 Point Plan

With our years of successfully building thousands of real estate websites, we have devised a 3 Point Plan to get you and your website system up and making sales in little time.

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Client’s Testimonials

After researching real estate website designers and trying a very, very expensive one, no one comes close to the design, service and price of Intagent. Within a day or two my website was up and running. It looks fantastic

Marshall Peck Realtor

This is the best and the most supportive site that i have ever been on!

Thank you and also the rest of the Intagent family for creating this site and service!!

Hunter Elam PhD Realtor

Thank you for the update. I reviewed everything and it looks great!

Thank you for the quick response and please send my thanks to Sarah!

Elaina Preciado Realtor

I am already telling other agents about how pleased I am with everyone at Intagent!

Additionally, I am hearing very positive words from friends, family and clients, about my new website.

David Burrows Realtor

Your company really rocks! Had recommended a few people and all of them just signed up!!

Am recommending more soon!

Jon Cooper Realtor

I could not be more pleased with my experience with all of the developers and customer service with Intagent. Whenever I needed an update, they would get it right!

Marie Orlando Realtor
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