Listing Syndication

Maximize Your Exposure with our
Listing Syndication

Intagent websites work with a Network of ever-growing Real Estate Websites and Portals to give you the most exposure possible for your listings.

Your listings that are uploaded into your website have the ability to be linked with our networking partners of your choice. This allows you to easily upload your listings into your website a single time, and have them linked to many web portals around the world.

Syndication brings in Leads

By using our syndication system you will multiply the viewers of your listings 100+ times over! This can bring viewers from other portals directly to your website. By doing this they will be exposed to your website which in turn can increase your SEO rankings, and more! All of our listing syndication abilities are built in free for every Intagent customer.

Listing syndication can maximize your listing's exposure 100x over and sell it more quickly!
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